Describe The Path Of The Egg From Ovulation To Implantation?


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Ovum travels in a retrograde fashion from the ovaries-->picked up by fimbriae-->along the fallopian tube--> meets spermatozoa at the ampulla and fuses.
Fertilisation occurs in the ampulla of fallopian tube.
Implantation occurs in the fundus of uterus. I recommend you Ovulation Calculator through this you get instant of knowledge about Ovulation .

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Muhammad Nadeem answered
At the time of ovulation, egg comes from ovary to fallopian tubes. Fertilization of egg takes place in the fallopian tubes and then this fertilized egg travel down to uterus with the help of its leg called chorion. It takes 7- 10 days after the fertilization to reach in the uterus where this fertilized egg implant himself with the help of chorion.

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