How Long Does Ovulation Take After Intercourse?


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Ovulation of a female does not depend on the time of intercourse. Ovulation is a type of a stage in the menstrual cycle in which a mature ovarian follicle emits an ovum which is the organ of reproduction. The few days of ovulation are the days in which the egg is most fertile and ready to reproduce. The approximate time of ovulation is the 14th day of a standard length menstrual cycle. However, cycle length is not the only dependable gauge for ovulation.

After entering the female system, the male sperm can survive for around five days in the cervical fluid and the egg can survive for around a day. Hence, one can get pregnant anytime from a few minutes to five days after performing intercourse, of course depending on which stage of the cycle one is currently in.
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Can it be pregnant if there is sexual intercourse only 8 days after the start of first day of menstruation?

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