Why Are My Boobs So Sensitive?


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Breasts (or boobs) can become sensitive for a number of reasons.

Often, women will jump to the conclusion that having tender breasts is a sign of some sort of disease, but usually having sore boobs is caused by one of the following:

  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • Hormones
  • Fibro-cystic changes
Why are my boobs so sensitive?
One of the most obvious causes of increasingly-sensitive boobs is pregnancy.

The first trimester of pregnancy is often associated with a 'tingling' or 'warm' sensation, whilst tenderness of the breast tissue in the later stages of pregnancy is associated with the production of milk.

Another very common reason that women might feel as if their boobs have suddenly become more sensitive is due to hormone changes.

Hormones are responsible for most of the changes in your body, and are especially relevant when it comes to the breasts.

My boobs are aching!
Puberty, menstruation, and taking birth-control pills are the most obvious reasons your hormones will change, and all are leading factors in causing breast sensitivity.

Finally, Fibro-cystic changes are often accompanied by pain in the breast area. These changes usually involve the sudden appearance of lumps or unusual textures in the breast tissue.

No-one fully understands why they happen, but it is thought they are related to a woman's ovulation cycle.

Either way, if you're concerned that you are suffering from sore boobs, I'd recommend you book an appointment to see your doctor.

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