My Breasts Hurt More Than Usual Each Month And Become Very Stiff And Sensitive. Is This Normal?


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This is usually a very common thing that happens to women. Especially around your monthly period. Take some pain reliever when it gets really bad, but if it keeps it up or gets really bad just see your doctor and see what they say. But more than likely it is just the common breast pain.  good luck girly :)
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If it is the fibroids, I take vitamin E for it, I did this last time I had them, and took 2 tabs a day for several days, and they haven't been back again for some time. But it is usual to get some kind of swelling around your cycle. Hope this helps.
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This sounds like "Fibrocystic syndrome" which is a common problem in some women. It is associated with PMS.
For relief you can take a non steroidal over the counter medication such as Ibuprofen or Naproxin sodium.

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