What Does It Mean If Your Nipples Are Sore?


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If your nipples become sore there could be a number of factors which might lead to this situation. It could be because you might be pregnant or suffering from Pre Menstrual Stress (PMS).

You should though wait until your expected period before taking a pregnancy test. You should also watch for a number of symptoms that point towards the early signs of pregnancy including a feeling of tiredness, nausea, and a heightened sense of smell.

Sore breasts and nipples can occur as part of what is known as the climacteric syndrome. Symptoms of the climacteric syndrome can include a number of the following which can include hot flashes,    sleeplessness, weight gain and bloating, mood changes, irregular menstruation, painful breasts and   headaches.

The climacteric syndrome has a lot of causes and is mainly resulted in a significant number of wildly fluctuating hormone levels and irregular functioning of the ovaries. It is led to believe it is not caused by an absence of oestrogen in the system. This is precisely the reason why hormone replacement therapy, which is otherwise known as HRT, and oral contraceptives are sometimes prescribed in order to sample and even out the hormone levels.

Sore nipples can also lead to some symptoms that can be found in more serious illnesses including breast cancer. Sore nipples can be a warning sign and is widely known as a condition called Paget’s disease of the nipple.

This means that the nipple begins to become irritated with a certain amount of reddening, pain and sometimes itching. It progresses gradually until the nipple is completely worn away to the bare minimum. Paget’s disease of the nipple shows that there is a fundamental cancer in the breast tissue. So if there is any persistent irritation this should be investigated by your doctor straightaway.
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I can't be 100% positive but I think it can be your hormones. Just like before you get your period your boobs and nipples are sore it happens when your body is going through hormonal stages. The same thing happened to me after I stopped taking birth control. The best I can recommend which works for me take a hot shower and massage your chest and nipples (not trying to sound perverted) but it releases the stress from thinking about it and the pain. Hope this helps and feel better!
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Sore breast, sensitive nipples,  feeling of heavy breast, can be due to progesterone sensitivity. Progesterone is an hormone which is produced after ovulation. Its high levels few days before periods can cause breast soreness/tenderness, nausea, fatigue etc. This condition is called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Levels of progesterone are also high during pregnancy. PMS usually creates confusion and can mislead for pregnancy. There are 2 possibilities about your condition. Firstly, your periods are about to come, secondly, you are pregnant. Use of hormonal contraceptives especially progesterone only pills can also cause these symptoms. In my opinion, you should wait for your due dates of periods and get pregnancy test if missed.
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Nipple or breast tenderness can be due to pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), use of birth control pills, and excessive use caffeine. Another reason can be rubbing of clothing. During pregnancy, progesterone levels are high and cause tenderness in breast. These levels are also high few days before periods and cause PMS which can mislead for pregnancy. In my opinion, you should wait for your periods and get pregnancy test if you miss periods.

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It could mean your getting your period, your pregnant or even something could have irritated them. Tricky question lol.
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This can be many of different things. Often nipples will be sore right before a period, or when developping, in other words, your breasts are growing, also known as growing pains. Unless you had unprotected sex, I woud not worry and even then should not be cause for concern. I have known some bras to cause irritation to nipples. It may even be detergent. Do not worry until you are sure. I switched to sports bras for that very reason
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Some call it peri-menopausal, pre etc. Yes, this is normal. After awhile, your periods will become irradic like in your teens. Some really heavy and others almost non existant. Some months, you will go without. Other months, will seem heavy and have clothing.  Welcome to my world.  Also, the mood swings are unbereable.  Night sweats etc.  It's like hormones going crazy. If it keeps getting worse, check with doctor. You may need progeterone or estrogen, but this only delays the process.  In the meantime, it is like having a baby, one minute crying, next laughing, all you have to do is tell people, hey, I'm in my change of life, give me a break LOL.  It is hard, but hang in there.  Just hope you don't get moustache like I did, mind you, I am fair, so blond and don't show, but my cousin who is 20 years older still has problems and goes for electrolosis
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Well this never happened to me before while awaiting my period. I do have unprotected sex. My period isn't due until the 11th-13th. I eat more and I'm tired mire often. But I don't feel sick or anything like that. I get headaches frequently too.
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I am experiencing the same symptoms, and my doctor told me try vitamin E. I was about to go stir crazy,

It was just horrible, so try the vitamin e! It gives me some relief.. I will get back to you when I find out more.
Also, my doctor told me to stop the caffeine, but that did not help.
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Interesting that your only answers so far are from men...aside from that, assuming that you are a woman, in which case you are hopefully already well aware of the difference between dry skin, pulled muscles and sore nipples, I would say it's probably a hormone thing, but go to your doctor and have it checked. That way you can rest easy in your mind and also get some slightly less whacky suggestions for treatment than just taking painkillers! After all, if it actually WAS cancer, the sooner you had it checked out the better, no point wasting time and letting it get worse.
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Hi, Assuming you are female and know what sore nipples feel like from hormonal fluctuations etc... I would see your GYN soon. If you have any type discharge from your nipples, you should see the GYN ASAP.
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It is not necessarily means that you have cancer. You can some OTC pain relief medications and see if it helps. You can also try some warm compresses and breast massage, it can be a muscle pull or muscle sprain. If you still find any problem, then you should consult with the doctor.

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