Can Your Period Change The Date It Starts On?


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Your period will usually change the date that it starts. Your menstruation cycle is known to be around 28 days, and hence you cannot expect your period to occur on the same day of every month. This would imply that your natural bodily system would be in correlation to man made systems, like months. Hence, if you period is every 28 days then you can expect the precise day that it occurs to become lower and lower down within the dates of the month.

Your period is completely natural and necessary, and is the process in which your body releases eggs under the impression that you intend to become pregnant. The period is where your body releases an egg, which does not become fertilised. At this point, the body then needs to get rid of the unnecessary womb lining and blood that has been gathering. The blood and tissue will leave your body, which is the process of you ‘bleeding’. Many young girls become worried if they have not been told about periods properly, and if you have little understanding about the process then you should know that it’s perfectly natural and you can expect it every month.

Some things can have an effect on how often your period is, however. Many hormone problems can change the date, but simple things like stress can stop your period from occurring. Eating disorders like anorexia can have an effect, too. Many people who suffer from eating disorders will actually begin to lose their periods altogether, due to the body being unhealthy and unfit to complete the process.

If you’re going through your period right now, don’t worry if it’s late or early. If it’s late then it could just be the body working as best it can, however, if it’s too late then it makes sense for you to get a pregnancy test - just to be on the safe side.
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Definitely period dates can vary from month to month. In some women it is irregular every time. Various factors are responsible such as stress  and hormonal imbalance.
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Absolutely. For one thing the months have different amt. Of days in them. So even if you are on a regular 28 day cycle the date will change. Also, periods are not so regular with all women, almost half of women will experience some irregularity, caused by stress, activity and other things that are perfectly normal. Some women are always irregular and seem to have no rhyme or reason to it. So yes it is quite common to start on different days on different months.

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