I keep feeling sick when i wake up and usually untill about 2pm is when i finally start to feel better, however once i am feeling sick i dont eat which doesnt help the Sickness, also i feel faint and dizzy after eating, any ideas? Im pretty fed up


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I have the same problem with feeling nauseous when I awaken. Still, not eating can make it worsen because it causes your blood sugar to be low. I wish I knew the solution to this problem, but I don't. The fact that you say you feel faint and dizzy after eating makes me think you may want to be tested to see if you are a diabetic.
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Thankyou for your answer, have you been to the doctors about feeling sick in the morning?
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I have been to the doctor about it. He asked if I was pregnant, but then I reminded him that I had a sterilization procedure after my son was born. He then thought I might have been diabetic, so I took a fasting blood sugar test and my blood sugar was normal. He did not give me any other reason as to why I am nauseous. Your situation does sound more like diabetes because you get dizzy after you eat.
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Not eating enough can actually make you feel sick. And if you feel dizzy after certain meals it could be a blood sugar problem or a mineral dificiency.  Stress and upset can make you feel sick.  Visit the Doctor. 

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