I Just Got Over Having My Period But Could I Still Be Pregnant? I Just Don't Feel Right, Like I Am Nauseous And Dizzy. What Do I Do?


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Yes, you may still be pregnant.  Many women continue to have "periods" throughout an entire pregnancy.  You need to get to the grocery/drug store and buy a pregnancy test kit, or go to your doctor or local Planned Parenthood for a preg test.  Avoid the ER unless you are having severe pain, heavy bleeding, fever, or can't keep fluids down; it will cost you a fortune.  The symptoms you are having may be due to pregnancy, or you could have anything from a viral illness to appendicitis.  This sounds silly, but are you sexually active? (some girls think they can get pregnant by means other than genital intercourse, which is highly unlikely.)  Unless you are trying to get pregnant via a fertility program, you are probably not pregnant.  Are you using birth control?  Consistently?  The more lax you are about birth control, the more likely you are to get pregnant.  Even women on The Pill can get pregnant if they are taking it incorrectly (missing/skipping pills) or are taking too low a dosage.  Taking some other medications, like antibiotics,  can interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills.  You should always use an additional form of contraception (condoms or other barrier methods) when you are taking antibiotics you need to continue to use the ADDITIONAL form of contraception during that cycle, even if you have finished taking the antibiotics.  If your next period is late or very light, get a preg test.  Make sure you check the condom before the guy puts it on to make sure it is in good condition.  Some guys carry a condom around in their wallet/pocket, for so long that the material can deteriorate or be damaged.  NEVER  trust the guy to "pull out in time."  Even if he has lightning fast reflexes, it is possible for some sperm to be deposited prior to ejaculation.  There isn't a male birth control pill, so don't believe him if he says he is taking it.  Guys can't be counted on for preventing pregnancy or for being around for the long haul if it happens.  You have to be in charge of your body and you have to be the one to decide if you are ready for the most life-altering experience there is.  Good luck, sweetie.
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I took a test but it came back negative. Yes i am trying to get pregnant and no i am not taking any kind of birth control.
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Hi, Trina,
Your question didn't state if you were trying to get pregnant or were afraid you might be, so forgive me if my answer sounded a little flip or preachy. With this additional information I would advise you to get to a good OB/GYN doctor for a thorough exam. If this is the first time you have tried getting pregnant, don't give up hope and keep trying. If your periods are pretty regular you should be able to figure out when you are ovulating, and plan to have intercourse at that time. If your periods are not regular or if you have a history of pelvic injury, STD's, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, etc, it is essential that you get examined to make sure everything is in working order. Having said that, your general symptoms should be checked out, too, if they persist or get worse. There are dozens of reasons why you may not be feeling well and it is even more important to make sure you are healthy before you get pregnant, for your sake and the sake of your baby. Best wishes to you and your family.
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My period has been irregular these last 3 mths feb it was on the 25, march 31st and now april28th. Been feeling nauseous and dizzy 2 weeks before my last period and thoug I,ve had my period still has upset stomach dizziness and the feeling of being nauseous, vomited one time only and now its as if I have strange sensation in my boobs though they are not tender any more after my period. WHAT COULD BE THE CAUSE.

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