Why Is There Dried Blood In My Underwear?


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If you find dried blood in your underwear, rest assured that there is no reason to panic!

There are a number of completely normal causes for the presence of blood in your underpants- the main thing is that the bleeding isn't still continuing.

Causes of dry blood in underwear

If you find dry blood in your underwear, it is likely that one of the following is the reason for it:

If you're a girl, you may be experiencing menstruation
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Janell Lynn answered
Pretty much all of us get a bit of blood leaking from the hemmoroidal vein around the anus opening.

It is non-painful, but sometimes itchy, and usually stops bleeding quickly,and it's no big deal unless you have a vein that does not stop bleeding.

Then you need a proctologist. The vein bleeds due to the pressure of pooping. (yes I said it).

Anyways, now you know why some people need Preparation-H ointment.
It does shrink the swelling and itch of the veins down there.

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