Is Craving Corn Starch A Symptom Of An Iron Deficiency? Could It Be Fatal If You Eat A Lot Of It? And How Could You Stop The Craving?


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If you are craving for cornstarch then it can be due to iron deficiency. When your iron supplements will be completed and anemia is treated, you will no more crave for cornstarch. So keep taking your iron supplements until complete recovery.
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Here is a CURE for your cornstarch cravings and anemia:

Your local Asian supermarket will have frozen beef and pork blood available.  Put a tablespoon of the blood in each serving of hot soups, chilis and stew.  Beef and pork blood is obviously high in iron.  Your anemia will be gone within a few days.

Drink raw fruit smoothies.  Put fresh or frozen fruits in blender with almond or soy milk (NO DAIRY or sweeteners) and add 1 teaspoon of chlorella or alfalfa powder. Pulse and blend. Drink immediately.  It's tasty and healthy and will detox you.

If you are of African descent (like me) or Asian: STOP DRINKING DAIRY!  The government encourages black school children to eat dairy products even though they know that we are allergic to it.  95% of African-Americans and Asians are lactose intolerant.  This leads to brain fog, memory loss, behavioral problems and intestinal bleeding.  Losing blood will certainly cause anemia.  The Massai people of Africa drink milk regularly and they have the SHORTEST LIFE SPAN of any tribe.  Milk is bad for black people.  Don't commit genocide by giving in to the lies about dairy being healthy.  Dairy is only healthy for Europeans and cows.

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