Why Would My Period Be Bright Orange?


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You should not be worried about color of the blood during periods. You should look for the duration of the periods and timings of the periods. If you are getting periods before 21 days gap then visit a doctor to find out exact cause of this problem. Following are some common causes of this condition.
  1. Malnutrition
  2. Hyperactivity of pituitary gland causing frequent ovulation
  3. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  4. Stress
  5. Hormonal imbalance
So, visit a doctor.
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I just went to the restroom and it's the time of the month for my period and my menstrual is orange may you PLEASE tell my whats going on?
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My discoloration problem was linked to a cyst. After it was discovered and removed,
things returned to normal.
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The chances of pregnancy during tubaligation method of contraceptive are 0.1% which means you can get pregnant. Now you are getting periods. The color of periods whether red, brown or any means normal periods and no pregnancy. The change of color of your blood can be due to concentration of red blood cells. So, don't worry. For your satisfaction get pregnancy test in blood.
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You could possibly be pregnant but its always better to go to the doctor and get checked for sure. I took a pregnancy test and came up negative and one day I got really sick and went to the hospital and turns out I'm 4 months pregnant and didn't know. So it's better to get checked by some one who knows what they're doing.
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Color of the menstrual blood does not indicate any problem. Only brown or dark blood indicates old blood . You should not worry if you are getting periods after every 21-35 days gap regardless of color.
YATHI RAJU answered
Some times, the pure blood will be in rd colour, where as the impure is a bit darkish red/meroon in colour.

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