What Does It Mean If Your Period Is Bright Bright Red?


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The color of menstrual blood tends to vary during the course of a period. It gets darker near the end of the period, when the blood gets older, or if it is not being expelled fairly quickly. If your period is bright red, it simply means it is quite fresh and is leaving the body quick enough to not get darker first.

  • Average Menstrual Cycle
On average, the menstrual cycle consists of about 28 days. Sometimes it lasts only 21 days, while some women have cycles of 35 days. During this cycle, the uterus lining is prepared for a potential pregnancy.

In the course of the period, this lining, along with blood, is shed by the body. Although it tends to look a lot more, the average amount of fluid and blood shed during a period is only about four to 12 teaspoons. A normal period can last from two to seven days, but on average, most women have a period for between three and five days.

  • Clots or Thick Menstrual Blood
Sometimes women notice clots, ranging in color from bright to dark red, on the heaviest days of their period. If multiple clots are present the blood can look thicker.

The body typically prevents the menstrual blood from clotting by releasing anticoagulants. If a period is quite heavy and being expelled rapidly, these anticoagulants do not have time to work and the blood is able to form clots.

  • Cause for Concern
There really is no cause for concern in this case. The only causes for concern would be excessively heavy periods over prolonged periods of time, as this may lead to anemia; or excessive production of large clots, as in larger than a quarter, for instance. In these cases, a doctor can rule out any abnormalities.
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Yes, it is absolutely normal to have bright red blood during periods provided periods last for 2-7 days and come after 22-35 days gap. If periods last for less than 2 days or more than 7 days or come before 21 days or more than 35 days gap then these are abnormalities which should be investigated by the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Well I can tell you..... I know a lot about this so...what you have to do is not to worry it is so natural for that to happen.  Trust me it will keep doing that and then one day it will stop.  But just don't put that much stress on yourself..... Keep calm
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Was it late?  Do you think you could be having a miscarriage?  If it continues, I'd get to the doctors or the emergency room asap.
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Some times, the pure blood will be in rd col our, where as the impure is a bit darkish red/meroon in colour.
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Hey..I havent been sexually active with anyone, and my period was regular and I was supposed to get it on march 16th, and I missed it, but instead I spotted brownish black and then it went to a light pink and now its red? I have had it for 2 weeks now, and its red, I don't know what to do??I'm really scared something might be wrong? Can anyone help me?
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It means that you should go to your doctor. Bright blood is not normal.

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