I Have Large Black Blood Clots Coming Out. What Is It And Why Is It Being Caused?


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It could be due to many different reasons.  You might just be having a heavy period which can be normal.  If there is a possibility you are pregnant I would have the doctor do a blood test to check you could be having a miscarriage.  Many women have miscarriages and never know because they think they are just having a bad period.  You may experience extra bad cramping.  Also, you could have endometriosis.  Some women have this I do.  Endometriosis can grow anywhere, it is just a bunch of scar tissue.  There is nothing they can do for it.  Symptoms are bad heavy periods, painful periods, painful intercourse, etc.  If you have this the only way to check is by laprascopic surgery they usually can't tell by ultrasound.  I would just drink plenty of fluids, stay off of your feet, keep them elevated, you can take midol or extra strength tylenol which can help pain.  If the bleeding gets worse and don't stop and gets extra painful get seen by a doctor.  Also, have a blood test and check your iron levels.  You can become anemic when you loose to much blood, and become very tired.  Drink lots of orange juice and ask your doctor if you can take ibprofen/motrin.  That can help the bleeding too.  I am a medical assistant.  I hope this helps a bit.  Good luck and take care.
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It is normal to have a few cloths as the blood will gather together and form these. It is nothing to be concerned about, unless you are having an extremely long and difficult period. Often, when cramping, blood flow will slow down, this is your body's way of pushing things out. Then when relaxed, the flow is smoother. Often when sitting for long periods, when you stand, that is when it will all come out, not all at once, but heavier. Periods vary as you will notice, but unless it has been going on for several weeks non stop and very heavy, get yourself to a doctor
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I have endometriosis also and I have extremely bad cramping,heavy bleeding,and very large blood clots.I also though something was wrong because the clots were so big but it was just endometreosis.which is very painful but nothing serious.I really wouldnt worry about the blood clots though unless they are followed by a lot of pain.hope everything works out.
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I have INCREDIBLY heavy periods with MULTIPLE large black/dark red clots every month.  Every month I have to take a day or two off work b/c I can't handle the cramping... I even get vomiting and fevers with my period every month.

I tried going ot the doctor - he told me I had irritable bowel syndrome - I told him he was nuts.

I'm going to be looking for a new doctor b/c I can't take this much longer.
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I have a question??? I should of had my period on december 10th and it came on december 17th. I have had unprotected sex several times. When I was younger I have had black blood during my periods. And I have talk to my doctor and he said it was normal. But now I'm concern. Give me some advice and help please..... And thankyou
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Are these accompanied by pain? Black or dark red? Anyway, this doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong.  Many women experience these.  But you could check with your doctor anyway, it wouldn't hurt to check.  Good luck!
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Those are blood clots.you can feel it sliding out of your VAGINA.it feels uncomfortable.this happens when you stand from a long long sit.
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These blood clots during periods are normal and no treatment is recommended. So, you should not be worried about.
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First I'm not a doctor and you should not take anyones answer from this site as you answer. Now here is a site that you can check out. I repeat see a doctor.  Www.netdoctor.co.uk/ate/womenshealth/207053.html
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Because there is something wrong with your physical, you should go to the hospital to have an examination as soon as possible.

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