I Am Having A Terribly Painful Period And Passing Huge Blood Clots. Any Advice About What I Could Do To Help Or Why This Is Happening?


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You definitely need to see your gynecologist. This heavy of bleeding is bad for your body. At the least you can become anemic. I wound up having a partial hysterectomy where they left my ovaries. Do go see your doctor. Peace
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I actually am anemic. I have Celiac disease (an auto-immune disease) and that causes many other issues. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to see a doctor right now. No insurance, bad timing financially.
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When you are perimenopausal you can have very heavy periods. I know for me I would have very heavy periods with large clots because my iron was low. You get the clots because your period is very heavy. While your period is heavy you lose more iron.
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How old are you? If you are just starting your periods, I suggest checking out a book called "Whats happening to my Body?" in a library and just check what is happening to your periods...I have this book and it is really helpful...
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I had this happen before.  I was 20, and I was having my period and I went to the bathroom and before I sat on the toilet a huge clot about the size of my fist fell onto the floor. I was working at a hospital at the time, and the ultrasound found a cyst on one of my ovaries.  So I went to my gynecologist the next day and found out that the cyst was a fetus.  So the clot that I lost on the bathroom floor was a miscarriage of a twin.
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I know I was not pregnant, I usually do pass some clots, but I was just bleeding SO heavily. I am having terrible cramps along with this. I was mostly wondering if anyone knew if this could be connected to my massage? It was mostly acupressure for fibromyalgia.

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