Is There A Home Remedy To Detox The Body Of Excess Ammonia And Other Toxic Waste In The Human Body? Upon Voiding Excrement And Urine Have A Strong And Overpowering Toxic Smell. It Seems More Apparent After Dining On Seafood.


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High ammonia levels in blood can cause many problems including encephalopathy. In alternative medicines, grape juice is very helpful. Beside this milk thistle and alfa alfa are also good to detoxify ammonia.
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thank you rayoflight I appreciate and value your input besides your wonderfully diverse and professional insights. Although I am new to blurt it I have been following your responses and have concluded that you are a highly educated medical consultant with many years of wisdom and study I may be wrong about the consult but more than likely a physician of some sort You are , have and probably still do help many people with your priceless information. I sense that you are a true servant of humanity since you give excellent and precise info for free Thank you for doing this from your heart I'm sure that all your other fans are just as grateful as i am in March you answered my question about the pregnancy with taking those antibiotics called clindamycin, bactrim and vancomycin at7 months preg my daughter is due aug 6 and has a complication from the iv that ran the antibiotics thra mid line that was run from the inside of her arm to the main artery in her neck near the clavicle bone her vein is almost as large as a dime i dear that when she goes into labor the vein may burst or collapse is that possible ? she has been very constipated with almost no bowel movement each time she tries her vein pops up like a small knot could it be a blood clot? I'm worried that she will go into labor before she gets to the dr who inserted the port and complications may arise please get back to me asap and thank you sincerely for all you do to help others may you be greatly blessed in all you do
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What is encephalopathy  I always thought this was a condition of having water on the brain or some type of swelling is that true?

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