If You Eat A Meal While You On The Cayenne Pepper Diet And After The Meal You Drink The Cayenne Pepper Will It Detox All The Unhealthy Things Out Your Body?


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I have been drinking Cayenne pepper lemon water after I eat and I find that it does boost my metabolism therefore enabling me to burn more calories. Although I do highly recommend exercise, I have lost with little effort by just drinking a cup of warm cayenne lemon pepper water.
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Cayenne pepper has many benefits one being that it detox's the body by elimination. Also it is beneficial in helping you lose weight by speeding up the metabolism. I know from experience because I make sure I have a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with lemon every morning and I have lost weight and my skin is beautiful because cayenne is full of vitamin B.
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I major in nutrients and I'm not to sure cayenne pepper will  detox all of it but I know for a fact that garlic will

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