Are Crushed Sleeping Pills In Water Or Juice Harmful?


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Bump, this is a good question, personally I do it because it makes them hit me a lot faster, and thats the goal, to be asleep in like 10 minutes.  But I couldnt tell you if it is safe or not.  I def. Would not snort them, just crush it and drink it is a shot glass or something like it.
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Some peoples have swallowing problem with pills. Crushed sleeping pills are not harmful but I will recommend in water not juice. Because juices might reduce efficacy of the pills. All the sleeping pills are so small that you can easily swallow.
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I can't see that being useful, as you can't drug him successfully every night, if something happened to him you would be prosecuted, and he would detect the pill, especially if you crushed it. Think of your family; nothing is worth the pain of abuse. Many lawyers and organizations will help families escape for free, no matter how small the abuse may seem (emotional, physical, etc.) I am close to someone who had to endure coming home to a psychotic stepmother every day while the father turned a blind eye because he was 'committed' to the abusive person through marriage. He 'talked' to her about it, and begged her to consider the children, but an abuser is an abuser. It is in their nature and it takes just as much therapy to escape being an abuser as it does being a victim.
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no it is not harmful.  some pills have a coating to protect the tummy and that will not be there if you crush them.  also you may try crushing them into applesauce rather than a drink.  and - beware- it will not taste good!  hope you get some rest God bless.
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 I would suggest you to take your family and leave him. You can't drug him everyday.
What he is doing to you and your family is wrong . I do not know what part of the world you live in, but here in the United States, it is against the law for him to abuse you and your family.
Please try to get some help. Find a way to get away from this man, because it is never going to get any better for you and could get a whole lot worse.
Life is too short to have to live that way. You all deserve a better life.
If you have children, how badly are they going to be emotionally scarred?
What will they be like as adults, if all they have known all their life, is abuse?
Please take some time to think about your life and those of your loved ones. You only have one life and you can't turn back the hands of time.
Don't waste your and your families lives on someone who doesn't deserve you.
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You need this man out of your life unless he has any intention of getting help here its slowly destroying any chance of a normal life and you don't have to put up with this there is the police for next time he starts, or you could change the locks when he is out and leave his belongings out side when he comes home if he starts abuse /violence to get in to the property phone the police and get an injunction out on him ,if you get the number for the nearest women's refuge they may have better protection/advice but please don't feel you have no choices here no one has to live like this it doesn't sound like he is ready for help if he still goes straight to the drink every single day does it don't put anything in his drink you could make him seriously ill on top of alcohol consumption don't let him ruin you as well you deserve better keep telling yourself that good luck take control now be strong for the hard time ahead take care
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I would leave this nasty man he will never change. Get a restraining order and have him legally removed and get on with your life. Please for the love of your children don't stay with him for their sake. You always hear but he's their dad. You will be showing much love by taking them out of such nasty behavior. Don't let them grow up and hate you for not protecting them. Yes it will be hard and you will always question yourself if what your doing is right get therapy there are a lot of help for domestic violence. Not only will they help you with therapy but they will help your children too. Some programs will help you find a new home where you can live safely and free from harm from your abuser. Programs to get you a job. Don't think he will change and don't fall for the I'm sorry I'll change bull crap because they never will and it will only get worse. He's not a man he's a loser and beneath you and your wasting your time staying with this person. Life is too short get out and breath and be happy with your children.  And just because I'm a nasty retaliating mean woman I'm the type to get a ANABUSE pill crush it up and put it in his food. Let him enjoy the after effects of that.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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