What Happens When You Have White Crust In Your Underwear And Not On Period?


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Muhammad Nadeem answered
This white stuff can be normal if you are not having any vaginal odor and itching. Otherwise, it can be indication of vaginal infection.
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Sam Hill answered
The white stuff on your underwear is called discharge. It is a bodily fluid that can be a sign of getting your period.
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The white stuff in your underwear is called vaginal discharge which means you will get your first period soon so go out and buy small tampons or pads because your first period will come in the least about 2 months -18 months
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The white stuff is called discharge its normal to get this but it doesnt mean your going to come on its your body getting ready you will have this a few months before you start your periods we do lose discharge before we come on its white then brownish then bright pink the blood flows good luck hope I helped xxlxx

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