I'm 15 And Havent Got My Period Yet What Should I Do? Is It Safe To Try Using A Tampon, So I Can Practice? My Nipples Often Hurt Or Turn Bright Red Is This Normal?


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You may want to consider consulting a doctor, while not menstruating at 15 is not unheard of, it is not normal and you would be as well getting it checked out. Average age to start menstruating is 12 years old. No it is absolutely not safe to "practice" with tampons prior to your first period. You could suffer toxic shock syndrome and this is a potentially fatal condition. Nipple tenderness and inflammation is definately not "normal" in anyone, although it is most commonly a symptom of pregnancy. I strongly recommend that you make an appointment to see your doctor. You can make your own appointment and your doctor is not obliged to discuss your visit with your parents if you do not want them to, if that is a concern. You are protected by doctor - patient confidentiality even though you are a minor.
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You probably will be getting your period pretty soon. Don't worry about practicing you will have plenty of time in your life to practice. Besides you will be dry and it might be uncomfortable to put one in. Relax, nature will take its course and you can start with a tampon.
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In my opinion, I would just stay clear the tampon until you actually need it. As you are not on your period yet, you should be happy., let me tell you it sure can be a pain in the butt. And since you haven't had a period yet, you may just want to use pads the first time unless you actually need a tampon for swimming,..although some people prefer tampons all the time.
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OK, I'm 14, and I started the other day, I was also worried that I would NEVER start, but tada! I did.
Don't worry about it, you are going to start someday, I know it do feel weird, that all your friends have started, when you haven't, but you will start someday! No matter what happens, you will start. DON'T put tampons in you, if you haven't started, it could possibly harm your body, don't. And, nipples being tender, that means your breasts are growing, also if you are having white stuff on your underwear, or small tummy aches every now and then, then that means you are going to start soon ! :)
hope I helped love.
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I absolutely agree with the first answer, except that if your nipples are sore and red, there is a possibility that you are not wearing the correct support garments. If you are being physically active, especially running, and the breasts are not well supported the friction of the nipples against the fabric of your clothing can cause those symptoms. From now on, make sure you have a good bra or sports bra to be physically active in, and that should help with that.
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Well just wait it comes at different times for everyone when your nipples hurt you might get it soon because that is just part of puberty and getting your period
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You should take these questions to a physician! NOT THE INTERNET!
Go to a free clinic which you can find on the interent.

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