Late Period On Birth Control, Could I Be Late?


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The pearl index (chances of pregnancy during any birth control method) of condom is 0.1% which means that chances of pregnancy are 0.1%. This is possible when condom is broken inside releasing sperms. Some late in the periods is normal which can be due to hormonal imbalance or stress. From my side you are not pregnant.
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You seem to have taken eccelent percautions but three days isn't really that long to start worring about pregnancy. All the stress you're inducing on yourself can throw your period off so try to relax and if you still haven't received your monthly visitor in a week go to the drug store and buy an ept. Even your carefulness, I think you're just late this month.
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Three days really isn't a lot of time to start questioning. Your cycle can just be changing. You should wait 4-6 weeks after the day you had sex.
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Take a test and see and sometimes if your late might be the weather change or under a lot of stress. If you used protection than  not sure.

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