Should i use gynotran ovules if my period started?


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It appears that this drug is safe to use even if you are having your monthly period however every drug, including this one, has certain side effects. Women complain of severe and sporadic stomach pains and itchiness even after applying the cream or capsule forms of the medication. Blurtit is not a health advisory service and any concerns should be met with advice from your local GP.

Gynotran comes as an oral treatment but is more effective as the ovule and or cream form. In this way it starts to treat the infection directly and immediately. There are many articles on-line supplied by recognised health advice boards that give instructions on how to administer the drug properly. Again, your GP will be able to give any advice on the dosage and how often you should use the drug.

  • Active ingredients in the drug

Gynotran is a new treatment which includes something called Miconazole, a compound that decreases the chances of other infections by 30-40%. It also helps to prevent relapses of further infections.

Women should be careful during the summer period when it is warmer. When spending a lot of time in pools and or perhaps by the sea the warmer climate and moisture facilitates the growth of fungi and bacteria that cause these infections. These infections can be harmful not just to the sexual organs but can also spread to the kidneys and heart in severe and untreated cases.

  • Recommendations for the best outcome

Also avoid wearing tight clothing, the uses of tampons (sanitary pads are more suitable) and do not stay in wet clothes for prolonged periods of time. All of these things increase the levels of moisture and increase chances of infection. If you have any concerns or peculiar discharges then always resort to getting the advice from your local GP or health service for minimum discomfort and full health.

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