My Period Is Due To Come Tomorrow, Could I Be Pregnant?


4 Answers

andi XD Profile
andi XD answered
Well depends did are you late ? Did you have unprotected sex
doris rispoli Profile
doris rispoli answered
Maybe your under a lot of stress your period might be late. Give yourself another week or so than start to worry.  And than do a in home test to see if you are pregnant.
sarah johnson Profile
sarah johnson answered
If you had unprotected sex, then yes. Being late doesn't nessisarily mean you are pregnant. It could be a lot of different things. A test will say negitive until you are a few weeks late. If a week or so later you still haven't gotten it, then get a ept.
Brian Reed Profile
Brian Reed answered
Not necessarily you should wait and see what happens during the next week or so.

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