Could I Still Be Pregnant After Getting My Period?


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I very really doubt you are pregnant and think you may be a little upset it hasn't  happened rest assured the more you relax and concentrate on other thing around you it will happen I was once like this I was so stressed my periods stopped completely when I put the idea to one side and got on with life suddenly I was pregnant ,sometimes a holiday helps too time to re-charge and relax take care
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Me too I had my period 5days a go it lasted only for 3 days, no I feel tired lightheaded, back abdominal  pain, the taste of my mouth changed and I have upset stomach.  Am confused I did not have a prg test
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Well, I honestly think that you should wait and make a doctor's appointment if you still think you may be pregnant. Some women might get their periods and get negative pregnancy tests and are pregnant.
Every pregnancy is different so you may want to see your Dr.
Good luck.
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I'm so confused on if you can get your period and still be prego because an ob/gyn would say its vaginal bleeding but to some women it happens every month like its a regular cycle. I believe you can .
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The feeling of funny, dizziness, feeling sickness, headaches and breast sores are not authentic signs of pregnancy. These all signs can also be felt by a lady who is not trying for pregnancy  or not having sex. These changes in mood and body conditions are related with cyclical hormonal changes in the woman. As your pregnancy test is negative and you are getting periods, so you are not pregnant.

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