What Does Xanax Do To You?


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Xanax helps to increase your bodies level of GABA. GABA helps to control anxiety. Though there are other things touted as being able to provide the same effects because they contain GABA, they are not in formulas that cross into the brain, and therefore cannot be effective.
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Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication similar to Valium. Everyone's brain and body chemistry is different, however Xanax should make you feel relaxed and perhaps a little sleepy when taken as prescribed. When first using the medication be careful driving. Do not mix with alcohol or other sedatives unless your doctor has told you it is okay.
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I was on xanax to help with anxiety, and panic attacks, I suffered severe social anxiety, after taking the medication for a couple of weeks, the panic attacks did subside some but I had bad side effects on the medication I had bad dreams, and I started scatching my self in  my sleep. My husband said it looked like I was having a seisure, therefore my doctor took me off of it.  

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