Does Detox Master Work To Get Cocaine And Marijuana Out Your System?


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seth the rn answered
Lots of variables an for quick answer nope....good fluids help lots of water an Gatorade is great but not a lot fast you will get sick and if you use coke or weed 1 or 2 times you doble up on water like 4 to 10  good glasses a day you will be set in 2 to 4 days if you do both a lot you build up amounts in fatty tissue and metabolic changes a cure    SO MASKING IT WITH A LOT WATER AN 3 aspirin might mask a cheep test...but a good mouth swab you might beat or fast tech you might with aspirin and water but if a chronic user of both 12 weeks and a cleansing your system is needed a lot crap you buy is junk go to organic store and get right kind of cleansin supplments ok an some junk you get at head shop or online have thouse organic stuff but you don't kno whats the right amount ask your local herb/organic store guy he can help you thats how he make his money lol well 1/4 is cleansing  

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