I Have Severe Pain In L Elbow, Radiating Down To Hand. Three Fingers Are Numb Feeling. I Hand Aches Terribly, What Should I Do?


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Could be as simple as tennis elbow or even ligament damage in the elbow. I rode bulls at one point when I was younger and I developed similar pains. My hand would go numb quite often and throwing a football or anything for that matter was out of the question. As it turns out, it was ligament damage in my elbow caused by the jerking motion of the moving bull.
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I have had severe elbow pain for a couple of years (ulnar side). Pain is constant even with resting it for 2 months. My hand swells, my fingers get numb and I cannot extend or contract my forearm fully without increasing pain. Cortisone injections, after repeated injections no longer last. Last shot only worked for 2 months. Had an EMG yesterday that was deemed "normal" and x-rays show nothing. I am at my wits end. What is my next step?
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It sounds like Tendonitis, or what they call Tennis Elbow  or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I have had both and both are painful, and you experience the same symptoms, that you are experiencing. Hope this Helps.  Good Luck.

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