I Have Very Heavy Leg Feeling With Shortness Of Breath. I Am Overweight But I Also Have Some Numbness. What Could It Be?


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Most probably you are having Chronic venous insufficiency. Our Veins contain valves which push the blood towards heart. In venous insufficiency, these valves are unable to push blood back in to heart. This problem also arises as a result of blockage due to a blood clot in veins.
Risk factors of this disorder include, age, pregnancy, obesity, being lady, being tall, and prolong sitting or standing conditions. This condition can cause heaviness in legs, pain in legs, tingling and itching, swelling in leg, leg ulcers, varicose veins, redness of ankles and legs and thickening of skin on legs and ankles.
In my opinion you should visit a doctor and go for peripheral angiography to know the cause of you problem and proper treatment.

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