I Am Getting Really Bad Headaches During My Period, My Head Is Heavy Feeling?


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Headaches just before and during periods is the result of Hormonal activity and are often called as Hormonal headaches. It happens with 60% of  the women. The main trigger of these hormonal headaches are oral contraceptives and since you have mentioned that you use one, it explains all. It can be treated in a number of ways. The best way is use of an Nonsteroidal anti-inflammtory agent like Nalfon, Relafon etc. Here is a link for complete details:
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I have the same issue and am on Yaz. I was put on it for the PMDD and migraines, but ironically enough over two years of use, I think my body has surpassed the hormones or has come accustomed to it- i.e. I am getting monthly headachces just before or during my period..regularly. I use to be on Wellbutrin years ago for depression and I noticed while on it my PMS and migraines were nearly non exisitant. I am thinking of switching. Ask your doctor what their thought is on this issue.

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