I Am Due September 23,2010 When Did I Get Pregnant?


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To get your due date, your doctor takes the last day of your last period; which I assume was around New Year's Eve or Dec. 31st, 2009. Then he adds 9 months to it, then subtracts 7-10 days. That allows for the remainder of your mid-cycle to take place.

Since you normally get a period 2 weeks after Ovulating, I will assume you Ovulated on or around Dec. 10th, 2009. Then got your period around Dec, 23th or so. (2 weeks later) That would bring you to the last day of your period of around Dec. 29th/30th, 2009. When you add 9 months to that date, then subtract 7 days from it, you get your due date.

I would calculate you got pregnant somewhere around New Year's Eve Day, or Dec. 31st of 2009. Mainly because a normal Ovulation cycle is 2 weeks (14 days) or "Midway" between your periods. You can usually feel it yourself when you Ovulate. You may get a mild cramping on that day.

Doctors calculate that you get pregnant in mid-cycle, & depending on how many days your period lasts, he'll count 7 days after your cycle to account for Ovulation. That's why he subtracts 7 days from the 9 months he adds to the last day of your period. A normal cycle of 28 days is used when calculating also.

Since most pregnancies happen in your mid-cycle. You have to allow a week's time either way to get your date of giving birth. Babies can be both early or late, depending on the exact day your egg was fertilized. Likely, within a 7 day difference period, which is very normal.

Hope I didn't confuse you.

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