If My Due Date Is September 7 When Did I Get Pregnant?


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jay jerome answered
The female gestation period is usually 9 months. That would make the date of your conception in early December 2008. I can not pinpoint an exact date, but Dec 7, 2008 is a good estimate.
wilbert u can call me sue Profile
All you have to do is subtract your due date by nine month, this is normal gestation period for human so if due date is sept.  Could be some time in January if my calculations are correct, but best to check with md to be sure
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Anonymous answered
My due date is the same and I got pregnant on dec. 15.  (Guys, it's really 10 months/ 40 weeks)
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Andrew Jorge answered

I think it's hard to say exactly which day, I was so confused about my dates for a while and still don't know when exactly I conceived!

But I get approximate result through this pregnancy tracker app, instantly.

Good Luck!

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