If I Am Due Novemeber November 8th When Did I Get Pregnant?


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February 1 you get pregnant.,  NOTE; most important to know before you apply the formula first you must know your LMP or last menstrual period this is ( February 1) my answer,.. So based on your EDC or expected date of confinement/due date that is NOV.8. THE FORMULA IS THIS; from january to march( +9+7),april to dec(-3+7+1)... I apply the formula
                              LMP ; (2ND MOS) FEBRUARY /  2          1
                                                                                +9          +7
                                          (11MOS) NOVEMBER  11            8
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If the first day of your period was 2/1/09 you probably ovulated around the 3rd week of february and maybe got pregnand around those days too! This is just by my calculations!!!!!

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