When You Are Pregnant Does Your Private Smell Different?


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No - but you will have changes in hormone levels which will alter the pH levels in the vagina, which can then mean that different bacteria thrive, and that could make a different smell. If it is very noticeable, go to your healthcare provider and get checked out.
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I agree!
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I agree. I have been through two pregnancies, one singleton and recently a twin pregnancy.The odor was a little different but it wasn't foul smelling. It was the change in my hormone levels. With the lack of bladder control towards the end it was more of a urine, but isn't awful if daily showers occur.
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I'm not sure but there are chances that it will because of the changes in your body if you find out for sure can you let me know because I would like to know the answer to that! Thanks
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I think it is would be from the weakness of the bladder, so it would be mostly urine that would smell than anything else, so having daily showers and using panty liners would help a lot

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