Why Does My Vagina Feel Wet All The Time?


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There are a bunch of reasons why your vagina might be feeling wet constantly, but generally it's not something you should be overly worried about.

If the situation starts to get difficult to manage or is causing you discomfort, I would suggest paying your doctor a visit.

Why does my vagina feel wet all the time?
It's well-known that a vagina gets 'wet' during sexual arousal, but that's not the only reason you might be feeling wet down there.

Here are a couple of possible reasons for dampness down below:

  • hormone changes
  • your vagina's natural cleansing cycle
  • stress
Hormonal changes are a key cause for any changes around your 'lady bits'.

Hormones are what your body uses to control a bunch of different things, including puberty and menstruation.Also, if you've recently started taking a different birth control pill, this could be the cause of any changes.

Another thing to take into consideration is your vagina's natural cleansing cycle.

A certain amount of discharge is normal for all women, as this is the way your vagina cleans itself out.

Whilst this shouldn't result in excessive wetness, it might go some way to explaining your symptoms.

Finally, we women are finely-tuned creatures. When something throws our bodies off balance, it can have all sorts of effects. If you're feeling run down or stressed, this could be the source of your problem!

As with any medical problems, though, I'd recommend visiting your doctor or gynecologist for a definitive answer!
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Muhammad Nadeem answered
It should remain moist to keep the pH normal which is necessary for normal flora.

Vaginal secretions are also produced to excrete dead vaginal cells.

Anyhow, if you are also having odor, then contact a doctor.

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