How Did Lindsay Lohan Lose All That Weight?


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According to the research on the internet there are many anecdotes behind the mystery of Lindsay Lohan weight loose. Some people believe that she hired an instructor who helped her in loosing weight.

Well no one knows what the fact is. According to an article on website Lindsay Lohan said that looking at a picture of her legs which looked huge she decided to loose weight. She went on hard core diet which also affected her health and she was hospitalized for that reason she loss eight to ten pounds. Many people says that she look after her diet and was careful with her exercise.

I would suggest you to log on to internet and try finding answers by yourself. You can log on to any search engine related to Lindsay Lohan and find how she has put down her weight.
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Basically the answer to this question is really simple it comes down to 2 main factors, being.
1. Less Food
2. More Drugs

This is supposed to be a highly effective weight loss tactic however it is extremely bad for your health. Exercise and eating less can facilitate weightloss without risking your health.

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