Will Lemons Help You Loose Weight?


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I eat maybe 1 or 2  lemons about every day for years, I'm on blood pressure meds and waters pills and I crave lemons, I have lost weight. And just had my lining of your stomach checked out and every thing checked out and  looked great . Been eating lemones buy the bags for years, after eating a lemone I rinse my out out with water  So it wont hurt my teeth cause There is a lot of acid in a lemon.
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Medically, 4 lemons could eat the lining of your stomach, and you could end up with bleeding in your stomach. There is a lot of acid in a lemon. If you like eat a grapefruit a day, eat foods with healthy values to them, keep the sodium low, salads are great for weight loss, especially if you walk a lot after eating, or some exercise.
There is no such thing as instant results for weight loss, it takes a balance in all of the things you do to get healthy and lose weight.
Eat a good diet, fish and chicken are healthier than beef and pork, avoid too many pastas, and breads, as they are loaded with carbs, which are not complimentary to a diet.
Just walking alone everyday, a mile or two will assist in losing lbs. The best thing to remember is that weight loss will be more permanent if you take your time at it, and not try to do it with the short term, as there could be an unhealthy result from losing too much too fast. Hope this helps you. Good luck.
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There seems to be a trend in my friends to order a glass of water and sliced lemons. They are very weight conscious. I'm diabetic and have to watch everything I eat. But, an old wives tale from my mother was to eat a slice of lemon before eating for digestion. She might have known something that we are only learning about. But you do have to be careful about ulcers in your stomach lining.
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Well, lemons are high in vitamin C, and there is a link between getting enough vitamin C and weight loss as Vitamin C helps your body set off the chemical reactions necessary to breakdown bodyfat in your body and use it as energy.

Aside from that, hot lemon water can be used as a diuretic and a laxative, so it will allow you to lose some water weight and also clear out your bowels.

If you're serious about losing weight, it would be best to focus on an effective diet and exercise routine rather than using lemons as that is going to make more of a difference for you in terms of changing your body composition.

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If a person would get a bag of lemons and carry it up and down stairs or on a walk for 30-minutes a day, it would help them use unwanted fat.
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Yes. Lemon is very good for digestion. And if you take juice of half a lemon mixed in a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of honey it sure will help.

but not take too much lemon its better to lose weight by eating balance diet with some exercise.

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