Why Is My Period Lasting All Month?


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There are a number of reasons why your period may be lasting as long as it should be. Among the main possible causes, are Endometrial hyperplasia, drug use, uterus infections, uterus cancer or something as simple as stress, a change of diet or exercise routines. The menstrual cycle is part of the reproductive system in females. The menstrual cycle usually starts every 28 days and lasts for about one week. The discharge that occurs during the menstruation period is made up of endometrium (the thick mucus that lines the wall of the uterus) and blood, made up of blood from burst blood vessels. All female periods are different. Some may have a menstrual cycle every 28 days, some may have a cycle more frequently , and some less frequently. Some may bleed very little, some may bleed a lot and for a longer period of time. If you are bleeding for a long period of time (usually two weeks would count as a long time), you must go and consult with your doctor immediately. One possible cause of a long or heavy period is cancer of the ovaries and the quicker it is spotted and diagnosed, the more likely it is that the cancer will be beaten. It could be the case, that the lining of the uterus is unusually thick one time and as more uterus linking have to be pushed out, more blood vessels have broken, thus more blood is coming out and for a longer period of time. Exercise and diet are a very important part of controlling a period, therefore, after consulting with a doctor, a better diet and exercise regime may make your period shorter and less painful. Once again, if you have been bleeding for a month, consult your doctor immediately.
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I have been having my period for over 6mths now. I have an ultra-sound done and nothing became. Please advise. I also have a lot of in-grown on my face, please help. I am worried what is going on.
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Is it possible you could have been pregnant? If so you are probably having a miscarriage. If not sexual active you need to get to the Dr asap. Your losing to much blood. Even with a miscarriage needs prompt attention.
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If you were pregnant it could be a miscarriage. If you are accompanied my painful cramps that may be why.
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Periods for all the month is not good sign. It should last for 5-7 days under normal conditions. One month bleeding can be due to tumor, fibroid or any organic growth in uterus. Go for complete checkup including ultrasound.
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It could be the fact that you are stressed out. Or a hormonal imbalance, also it could be an infection. I have been on mine for a moth now also. But it sounds like a miscarriage. I had one of those earlier this year.
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Same here but now its been 5 months. Did you guys have any idea what it can be? I don't think a miscarriage can last this long. My doctor doesn't even know what it is. He gave me some pills but it only worked for a week. Now I am stuck.
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Did you get an answer on this? I have the same problem and there is NO WAY I am or was pregnant. You need a man for that!! I am going to see a doctor later, but I am researching to see if anyone had any answers.

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