How Can You Make Your Butt And Breast Bigger Without Plastic Surgery If You Don't Gain Weight Fast?


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If you have a small bust don't panic try my advice it totally rocks: Don't touch them, pretend your a boxer and punch the air, put your hands in a prayer position elbows out and push your hands together,or rub butter on them every day instead of lotion it works.I'm 10 and I wear a 38C.
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Exercise and eat everyday at the same time healthy diet,,,,good luck
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If you are not built to have the type rear end and bust shape and size you want there are body shaping garments that you can buy,from places like fredericks of hollywood, victorias secret,bare essentials.. Good luck
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ROLLER BLADDING helps with your butt after i had my 2nd child my butt went down hill, I started roller bladding and in 3 months my butt looks really nice.. I rollerbladd everyday mon thru fri for 1 hour
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Different women are shaped differently so maybe your fat goes to your stomach and not your butt and maybe having small boobs are in your genes. Just be comfortable with who you are and love yourself for the way that god made you.

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