How Can You Make Your Butt Bigger Without Surgery?


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There is a combination of two work outs you can. Leg lifts and squats. The leg lifts make your butt bigger and the squats give you definition between the butt and thy so you aren't left with a thutt.
To make squats really work for you do them slowly and hold them for fifteen seconds, you can keep your arms in front of you if you need balance.
For leg lifts you should get on your hands and knees (like a dog) and lift your leg behind you, if you are just beginning at this keep it parallel to the ground. When your butt becomes more muscular you can extend it upward more.
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Go to the GYM! Try heavy weights or so-called heavy body pump.
OR better! Get a trainer and he or She can help you! Don't be scared to tell them what you want. This is by far the best way. You will have a body everyone will wish for! And! Also, it is better than any aerobics etc.
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Do it from the back a lot it exercise your butt muscles
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Do squats a lot like 3 times a day.  Do 15 squats for 15 seconds slowly and hold for 5 seconds every time.
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Definitely doing the right excersises, don't overdo it though, that might add too much to your bum. And try bootea, look it up on the internet, not sure if they will have a branch close to you, but that helps as well.

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Just work out your butt a little twice a day,, using squats && do a little bit of running:)
oh yea && wear butt pads with jeans, it gives the look of a bigger ass!!!!

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