What Kind Of Urine Test Does Bexar County Texas Pretrial Services Use To Detect Alcohol?


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There is no definite way to know for sure what type of urine test any particular county or state uses when testing for drugs. The people who are present when the sample is collected or who conduct the tests will probably not be allowed to reveal the type of test to people who are scheduled to be tested, just in case this can help them cheat the test, which is difficult.

If you are interviewing for a job and the employer has requested that you undertake a drug test, things may seem a little scary, but the process is simple.

• You will be instructed to visit a collection site on a particular date.
• Your urine will be collected at that location in a secure cup which is then sealed with tamper-resistant tape.
• The sample will be mailed with express delivery to an assigned laboratory where testing will be undertaken.

These steps are put in place in order to ensure that the sample cannot be tampered with or altered in any way.

• The method that is used to screen urine is rather simple.
• The urine will be split into two smaller samples.
• One will be screened using immunoassay.
• If this one comes up positive, then the second sample will be used to verify the first findings using gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS).
• If the first sample comes up negative, then the second sample is generally not tested.

At the employer or company's request, specific drugs can be screened for during a urine analysis if they have a particular reason to be so concerned.

All results from urine tests are delivered to a Medical Review Office (MRO) where they will be reviewed. If the tests have come up negative, then the MRO will relate this information to the employer. But if both tests conducted come up positive, then the MRO will get in touch with the employee to firstly check whether or not there is an explanation for example, medicines taken with a prescription.

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