Can I Pass An Etg Alcohol Test If I Drank 9 Beers 42 Hours Ago?


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On average, one unit of alcohol takes an hour to be broken down. This is dependent on several factors such as:

• Height of the person
• Weight of the person
• Metabolism (the rate at which the body turns food into energy)
• Age
• Sex
• Medication taken along with many other factors.

In one beer there are approximately 2.8 units of alcohol, so to break down 9 beers it will take almost 27 hours. It is suggested a man only consumes 21 units per week whereas this adds up to around 25 units, but for a women, this figure is lower.

EtG tests are a urine sample which detects presence of ethyl glucuronide. They are generally given to people under court order not to drink alcohol, or can be used by employers for random alcohol tests to make sure their employees have not been drinking on the job.

The best way to pass the EtG test is to not drink at all within around 5 days before the test; however you cannot reduce your contact to ethanol in everyday life such as cleaning products.

Depending on your body, you may pass the EtG test as the alcohol may have entirely left the body.

There is no way in which a person can cheat the test and speed up the process of the alcohol leaving the body completely as it can detect even small traces of alcohol, however some people suggest to drink plenty of water when taking urine tests.

There has been debate over whether EtG tests are completely reliable as because it can detect extremely low levels of alcohol, it could be from hygiene or household products as well as types of foods which may contain small amounts of alcohol. Detergents, hairspray, cosmetics and hand sanitizers may contain alcohol, which may be detected by the test.

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