Will Sugar Alcohol Show A False Positive On An Etg Test?


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You should not fail an ETG test if you have only consumed sugar alcohol and not actual alcohol.

An ETG test is said to be able to detect alcohol in your system for up to four days after you may have consumed it. However sugar alcohol is simply a sweetener substitute so will not affect the test.

However, if you are still worried then it is always best to seek medical advice from an expert such as a doctor or pharmacist. You can ask them if sugar alcohol would show up in any drugs tests and what the result may be. If you do not wish to book an appointment with the doctor or don't believe it is necessary to visit one, then you could simply telephone them to ask the question.

If you are unsure of your doctor's surgery number then you should be able to find it either in a phone directory or online. Most houses have a local phone directory posted to them; if you have one of these it will be worth flicking through to the D section for doctors. Once you find your doctor's name you should see a phone number for the reception. You can then phone them and ask to either speak to the doctor or ask if they would be able to ring you back at a time that is convenient for them.

If you do not have a phone directory then you can always head online and search for your surgery using a search engine.

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