Does Beer Flush Your System?


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Cocaine is not water soluble, therefore water does not help flush out coke. Alcohol will help flush out coke faster than it would flush out  naturally. I've passed drug test for coke a day in a half after using by drinking a lot beer the day after use. It really depends on how much coke you used how good it was your body weight & metabolism. The day off the drug test I drink a lot of coffee & did not use any detox supplements & passed the test. On a separate occasion I failed a coke test almost 80 hours after using, & I didn't drink a lot of beer or coffee because I just assumed it left my system after 72 hours
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Vicki Kelly answered
The only thing that flushes is the toilet, when you drink lots of beer. Beer has alcohol in it, and dehydrates the body. It causes you to need to urinate often, but that doesn't mean your body is "flushed". You will need to drink lots of water to replace much -needed fluids.
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Nope not at all but it does help get rid of kidney stones if nothing else
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No. Water dilutes the urine sample making it harder to detect any presence of drugs.

Beer is made up of mostly sugars, so it won't work as well as water to rid your body of drugs.
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Yes beer will help flush your system, but you have to drink water aswell to keep from dehydrating. Cocaine is not water soluble so it prolongs the flushing of coke fron your system.  You sweat coke out your system to speed the process up,
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No, it will not. It will just make it worse by showing both cocaine and alcohol in your system. Double whammy!

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