Alright, I'm 14. I Weigh 127 Lbs And I Want To Lose About 30 Pounds. I'm 4'10", How Much Should I Weigh Or Should I Even Lose Weight?


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Your pic? You look good if that's you. At the most if you are really unhappy yourself you could go 5 or maybe 10 pounds in a healthy and easy going way and any more than that and you would be more in the unhealthy and so skinny it's gross category. If it bothers you when you feel like a snack once a day grab some yogurt or a piece of fruit or something and not chips if you have a habit of doing that and/or just add a walk around your block once a day and you will stay a healthy weight and maybe tone up a bit and that will make you look a little skinnier. It would not look good if you lost a lot of weight at all I don't think.
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Ok firstly if you're serious about losing weight I'd consult your doctor first, just to make sure that it's the healthy thing for you to do, hey you might even need to put on weight, but by consulting your doctor/gp he can help you advise you about a healthy diet and advise you on if any, weight you need to put on or lose, and making sure it's safe for you to do so.
I know everyone always says consult your doctor, but please do, they'd be happy to help advise you and you can make sure that you're keeping healthy =).
Commonly a BMI weight calculator is used such as:
However as they will tell you, this is only a guide to weather your in a healthy weight range, sometimes people may have a heavier or lighter bone density which can affect the bmi calculation, which is why it is only used as a guide line, and being healthy depends on lots of other factors too!!.
You said you were 14, so at this time your body is changing quite a bit and your weight will probably also fluctuate quite a bit too like all teenagers, so you shouldn't try to put too much emphasis on what your weight is, so long as you are eating a balanced diet and doing enough exercise. I could go on, but there's loads of information on the nhs website if you want to know more. =)
At Weight: 127lbs Height: 4ft 10
the bmi calculator puts your bmi index at: 26.5
The categories are:
Underweight =
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The average weight for someone 4'10 is 91 - 115 at 127 pounds, you could lose a few pounds if you wanted to.

You're not too high above the normal range so you're not going to have to lose too much weight, unless you want to get really fit, but that would just be for aesthetic reasons.

Just focus on cutting out processed foods or at least minimizing them in your diet.

Fill yourself up on veggies and salads...make sure you eat those before your main meals so you end up eating less.

Lean meats should be a staple of your meals too as protein does a good job of filling you up and keeping your satiated longer.

Fats also help for this purpose, however they are very calorie dense so be careful, you can easily overeat them.  Only have about a handful of nuts at each meal at most.

Drink lots of water as well, sometimes when  you feel hungry, just having a tall glass of water will get rid of that urge to eat.

Aside from these tips, make sure you find a good diet/exercise plan that you can stick to and that others have seen success with.

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