How To Take Care Of An Abscess From Shooting Up Meth?


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If the abscess is infected, then you should seek medical attention. If it's sterile (i.e. Not infected), then it should go away in time.

You will know if an abscess is infected or not, because an infected one will be red, feel hot and painful to the touch. It may also have a "head" which is filled with pus.

In contrast, a sterile abscess may be red but will not be sore or painful.
How to treat an abscess from shooting up...
  • Sterile abscesses can be caused by missing a vein when you shoot up. These should take care of themselves over time, but in the meantime avoid injecting in that same place.
  • Infected abscesses will be caused by using non-sterile needles or if bacteria has got into the substance. Do not burst the pus-filled head, as this will only spread the infection. This type of abscess will not clear up of its own accord, so you will have to take a trip to your doctor. 
  • A medical professional will prescribe you a course of antibiotics to fight the infection. They will also lance the head of the abscess and drain the pus. The wound will then be cleaned out and heavily-wrapped, which should stop any further spread of infection.
  • If left untreated, infected abscesses can cause septicaemia or cellulitis, two very painful and - in the case of septicaemia - possibly life-threatening conditions.
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Don't shoot up... Then you won't have to worry about an abcess.
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Seek medical attention.

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