Can You Snort Baclofen?


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Yes - but you can even snort cayenne pepper. That doesn’t make it a good idea, though!

Baclofen is a muscle relaxant used to treat people with multiple sclerosis. It’s not one of the more commonly-abused prescription drugs, but some people still try to get high on it.

Snorting things is a bad idea in general – you can damage your nose, and as you absorb the drug faster, it’s far easier to overdose this way.

Is It Worth Snorting Baclofen?
If you’re asking whether there’s any recreational value to Baclofen, then that depends on your idea of fun.

Abusing Baclofen will have a similar (but less pleasant) effect to abusing benzos like Valium and Xanax – you’ll feel relaxed and drowsy (possibly euphoric) and then wake up ten hours later, wondering why you’re nesting in a pile of towels.

You’ll still feel really drowsy and foggy-headed the next day. The negative effects of abusing baclofen are greater than the positive ones, which is why people tend not to use it recreationally.
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Well, you can snort won't get you high, though.

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