How Can I Get Bigger Boobs Please Help Me?


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Here is something I heard someone tried and worked.Try eating  some papayas.I hear that it works wonders.
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I have always wanted bigger boobs to but unfortunately couldn't get them..
If you wear a bra then that makes them look a little bit bigger.
Try stuffing them with Kleenexes not to many thought just one or 2 because people will notice that all of a sudden you got way bigger boobs so start off with one or 2 Kleenexes and gradually put more in.

P.s hope this helped!
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There are many options on how to make your breast bigger than a regular size or in your current size. If you want a quicker result you may undergo surgery or implant but remember that the cost of this operation is expensive ranging from  $4.000 to $5.000 or more.

If you want a natural breast lift without getting a breast enhancement surgery, breast enhancement pills, breast enhancement cream, and breast enlargement exercise are the way to go.

see more info about breast enhancement method HERE.

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Bigger boobs are actually a curse. Will kill you in the long run and in between your spinal cord get wapt and you develop stoop.

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Drink lots of meat and milk push ups will lift your breasts to
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Eat dairy products but you are still developing you are only 15 and you don't know when you get older your body starts developing and then that includes bigger breasts another way is plastic surgery but no doctor would ever touch a 15 year the way for your age thats a really good size .my cousins mom is 46 and she is an A cup!
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Sorry sweety but there isn't any way to get bigger boobs without surgery. Most doctors wouldn't touch a 15 year old girl for surgery because her body is still growing. You need to let mother nature take it's course and don't be in such a hurry! You're only 15! Please don't let any of the other kids say anything to bother you. You will get them and from the sounds of it you already are on the way! Again, you're only 15 and some girls just get them earlier than other girls.
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There is a way but I don't know for sure that it well work more like can massage your boobs or take medicine for massaging your boobs or go and make a surgery ( or a bra ). ^^"
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I will try Papayas (whatever those are). But anyway do Chest Flies and Push ups to build up the muscle because then the muscle will make the breast Bulge. Also eat foods with Estrogen in them. I did research on this and here is the website link:
(Its the 2nd paragraph)
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Bjpratt is sooo right, you need to relax about it...if they don't get bigger, it's really no big deal. There are so many people that are smaller than you and will probably always be

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