Why Am I Getting My Period Every Two Weeks?


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Why am I getting my period every 2 weeks is a question that could have a multitude of answers. The correct answer in any particular case depends on a series of factors, including the individual's age.

  • Menopause
Having a period every two weeks could, for instance, be an early sign of the onset of the menopause. Although most people associate the menopause with reduced, or altogether stopped periods, it is apparently possible for the hormones within the woman's body to go haywire for a while, causing more frequent periods than usual, before ultimately slowing down and stopping.

  • Unstable Lining
Some women, like the author herself, experience excessively frequent and heavy periods as the result of the lining of their womb becoming unstable. This is often due to a hormone imbalance. Sometimes this can be adjusted through appropriate hormone treatment, or on occasion, as in the author's case, a hysterectomy is required as a last resort to solve the problem permanently.

  • Cysts, Fibroids or Tumors
Sometimes excessive periods are due to a cyst, fibroid growth or a tumor within the womb. Once diagnosed, they can usually be removed fairly easily, although severe cases of fibroid growth may again require a hysterectomy.

  • Over-Active Thyroid
It seems that some women have experienced these problems as the result of an over-active thyroid problem. Once diagnosed, appropriate treatment should be able to rectify the situation.

  • Our Advice
We do not have the medical authority to diagnose any condition or offer specific treatment advice. Any woman suffering from excessively frequent or heavy periods should consult her doctor, in order to obtain a professional diagnosis and get the appropriate treatment.

This is particularly important if the excessive bleeding has been going on for some time, as the continual loss of blood may otherwise cause additional problems.
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Condition of having periods after every 2 weeks is called polymenorrhea. This problem can be due to
  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  2. Hormonal imbalance
  3. Psychological conditions like depression, anxiety etc
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Frequent ovulation due to over activity of pituitary gland
It will be very helpful for you if you see your doctor. He may advice you to take oral progesterone in the second phase of periods for 10 days.
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It is possible that you are spotting during ovulation. It could also be implantation bleeding which occurs when a fertilized egg nestles on your uterus wall getting ready for a baby.

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