Last Month I Had My Period Twice, Two Weeks Apart. Now I Haven't Started My Period For This Month. What's Going On?


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It is likely that you are just experiencing some irregularities in your monthly cycle, which is very common. Most women will experience at least one or two irregular cycles in a year, and there are many things that can cause irregular periods.
Changes in birth control:
If you have recently switched birth control pills or methods that affect your hormone levels, this could very well lead to having two periods in one month and irregularities. If this is the case, usually irregularities calm down when the body begins to get used to the new birth control method.
Also, irregularities can occur if you have very recently stopped taking birth control altogether.
Diet and weight:
Many women notice their periods change in flow or cycle when they either lose or put on a significant amount of weight or suddenly change their diet. Diet and weight plays a huge part in your monthly cycles, so if you have recently changed any of these aspects of your life, this could be the cause. Again, your body will shortly adjust and your cycles should return to normal.
Stress has a massive impact on our bodies altogether, and can affect periods very quickly and noticeably, and severe stress has been known to stop periods altogether. Regular cycles usually strike up again when you are no longer stressed and your hormones and important chemical levels return to normal.
Sometimes though, there is no explanation as to why women experience irregular cycles. It is just "one of those things" that occur once in a while. However, consult your doctor if irregular periods carry on - it may be that you're simply deficient in a vitamin.
Although there is a large chance your body is just experiencing an irregular cycle, missing a period should always be checked out, especially if you have been having sexual intercourse, as a missed period is one of the first signs of pregnancy.
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This has happened to me before and honestly its nothing to worry about. It could be built up stress or it could just  be that if your young your period is just off at times.
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This condition is called polymenorrhea if the cycle length is less than 22 days. This is due to hormonal imbalance that is usually short secretory phase or deficiency of of progesterone. You need progesterone supplements. For treatment, visit your doctor.
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If you had your period at the beginning of the month, you could have it again at the end of the month. Many times stress can cause you to have your period more often or heavier.
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First, if you are sexually active, take a test. If you rule that out, consider any changes in your diet, exercise, or stress level. Any of these factors can throw your cycle off. Oh, also if you hang around with other  women a lot, you tend to take on a different cycle.. Ask one of them when theirs comes, you'd be surprized to find out that you are in sync.
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Two periods in a month is abnormality and should be treated because it can cause anemia and difficulties in conceiving. This condition can be due to following reasons
  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety and other psychological conditions
  3. Pelvic inflammatory diseases
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Frequent ovulation due to hyperactivity of pituitary gland
Treatment of this condition depends upon underlying cause. Usually frequent ovulation is major cause. This can be treated by hormonal preparations.
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Maybe you are pregnant. Or maybe you took plan B because thats what happened to me. I got my period on the 4th of september (normal). Then I had unprotected sex. I took plan B. Then after a couple of weeks, I got my period again.
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Nothing has to be wrong for you to get your period twice in a month. If they were right next to each other then chances are you just weren't completely finished with it to begin with. It started to get lighter and then finished off heavy this is normal. If you had one and then a week or more later got another one this maybe cause for concern. This could be the result of a miscarriage or a rupture in the abdomen. I have seen this a few times in my office and the only treatment is that of which a doctor can give.
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Well pregnancy wouldn't cause you to get your period it would cause you to not bleed at all. Many things can cause your period to be strange; stress, prescriptions, birth control, sex, etc. It's not uncommon to have your period do that to you once in a while. It could also be your cycle reseting. But if you're really concerned about it then you should see your doctor. Hope this helps.
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I am 52 years old and still have my periods. But last month had one for
3 weeks. Then finally stop and I am having normal periods again, Heavy
bleeding but only once a month
I would like to know why did I have a 3 week period.
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If you're really worried about it, talk to your Dr and get some testing done.  When it all comes down to it in the end, hormones are what will cause us to bleed or not bleed.  They set everything in motion for our periods or pregnancy.  Usually irregular bleeding is directly related to a hormonal imbalance.  Blood work can determine where the problem is and your Dr can help you figure out the best form of action from there.  Generally, this is a pretty easy fix.
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On the discontinuation of inject able protection, things should be normal usually. But in few cases some problems occur. You are having polymenorrhae. In such conditions ovulation does not take place. This can be due to hormonal imbalance. Short secretary or transformatory phase can be reasons. To have normal periods get hormonal supplement (biphasic) medicine. Then take ovulation inducer.
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There could be a number of reasons for such condition. Irregularity in periods could be because of your contraceptive pills or a contraceptive injection. If you have had any changes in that, it could be because of pregnancy.

On the other hand, it could be a sign of Menopause. I know it is still very early for you. However, in some cases, it could be so early as well. It could be a sign of Perimenopause or the menopause transition years. So its best if you get a checkup from a qualified obstetrician.

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Sometimes hormones plays a roll in it other times it was just a fluke. I wouldn't worry about it. If it happens next month you may want to call your GYN. Stress can also play a big roll in this.
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It could be Pregency or miss Caraga. Or it could be a hormonal change for instance if you had you period at normal time and a week or so later you started again it might be because you were around another female with her period and her hormones over powered yours and made you start again. (I have this problem occasionally)

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