I had protected sex twice. My period was late, but when I got it it was extremely heavy. My cramps were so painful they caused me to throw up multiple times and I filled two tampons within 3 hours. After that, my period became very light. Help?


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Belinda Nel Profile
Belinda Nel answered
You need to make an appointment with  your Gynaecologist.
Melanie Pierce Profile
Melanie Pierce answered
I think you should visit your gynecologist; either if it's for the doctor to tell you you are fine or if it's for your doctor to diagnose some kind of trouble and then fix it.
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Forest Lone answered
Your diet is off. Eat more healthier. Take suppliments to fill in the blanks. Increase magnesium and omegas before your monthly.
Kay Perry Profile
Kay Perry answered
I don't think there is anying to worry about. Your body just needs to get used to you having intercourse. Same thing pretty much happned to me when I lost my virginity. A penis is a fforeign thing to your vagina right now. Don't worry you will be ok.

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