Me and my boy friend met for the first time and he released the sperms outside and not inside that was just after 15 days of my my due time is 25th but i dint get my it likely to b pregnant?im very tensed plz help me out....


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Having intercourse mid-cycle between periods is very, very risky. It is the time of ovulation.

You could be pregnant, but would have to take a test to find out for certain.

If you don't want to get pregnant in the future, use birth-control-- either pills or condoms. After all, it's your body, (and your life), that will bear the brunt of an unwanted pregnancy. Do yourself a favour, and stop playing with fire. Protect yourself.

If your boyfriend refuses to wear a condom, dump him, as he clearly has no concern for your health, welfare, or peace-of-mind. He has only one thing in mind-- using your body to satisfy his lust no matter what the cost to you. Tell me, does that sound like 'love' to you?

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